Welcome to the Life Insurance Council of New York

We are proud to be the principal voice of the life insurance industry in New York. 

The Life Insurance Council of New York (LICONY) works to create and maintain a legislative and regulatory environment that encourages its members to conduct and grow their life insurance businesses here in New York State. We have 55 domestic and 21 nondomestic member companies that together provide the vast majority of life, disability, and long term care insurance and annuity benefits to New Yorkers. In addition, LICONY has 21 allied, professional firm members that provide professional or business services to life insurance companies or fraternal benefit societies.

Our strength in representing the life insurance industry operating in New York derives directly from the support, contributions, and leadership of our members. What unites LICONY is the common commitment to building a more efficient, productive, and profitable business environment to better serve both the life insurance industry and its customers. 

Talking Insurance

LICONY President and CEO Mary A. Griffin joined the City and State podcast to talk about the adoption of new cyber security regulations in New York. Mary and host Jeff Coltin also discussed LICONY's concerns regarding various items proposed in the Executive Budget.

City & State New York is devoted solely to covering government and politics in New York and provides insightful and detailed coverage of the politics, the policies and the influential individuals and organizations all over New York.


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Issue Spotlight -- Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

New York is one of only six states in the country not to belong to the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact. Joining the compact will provide New Yorkers with access to the latest insurance products and allow life insurance companies to compete on a level playing field with other financial services providers.

Joining the Compact is one of LICONY’s top legislative priorities for 2017. Learn more about the compact, and why  it will help consumers, insurers and regulators below. 

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